this is the story of a dad and two sons on the trip of a lifetime:

the 2017 One lap of america


2017 Tire Rack One Lap of America

8 days. 15 states. 18 track events spread out over a 3,500 mile road trip starting and finishing in south bend, Indiana.

Team Bad Way To Live will start 2 days earlier near Seattle, WA, drive 2,100 miles to the start in Indiana, attempt to complete the event, then drive 2,100 miles back to Seattle. 7,500 miles over 22 states in 2 weeks. One old dad, one guy in a wheelchair, and one annoying cameraman.


the team


1 Dad. 2 Sons. Although spread across the country now, we started in Carmel Valley, CA. We're reuniting to make some memories and mark Taylor's return to motorsports.


Steve Hattori :: Dad
Damen Hattori :: Son #1
Taylor Hattori :: Son #2